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Hello Out There. . .

Blogging. . .
I have been a “blog stalker” “blog-addict” “blog timespender” and “blog timewaster” “blog obsessed” “blog poser” “blog ____”, but never a really good blogger. And the odds are if you are at my blog, I have probably read yours.
Creepy eh?? dodo do do dodo do do =0

So here it goes. . .my blog. I have had a couple blogs before and they obviously didn’t last very long. I tried to do the whole theme thing ( a quirky story with a picture a day out my downtown window) then it was just a photoblog. Both are gone. I am the kind of person that thrives on creativity and perfection so when I wasn’t feeling inspired or satisfied with my creativity I would pack up that blog and press delete. Not this time though!
“I am back with brand new invention something grabbed a hold of me tightly” . . . =)

So I love blogs and the idea of blogging, and I think the perfection that I struggle with has returned in trying to perfect what my blog should be or will be. But I have decide to just Let It Be
(has anyone seen “Across the universe” yet. . .go!)

Anyways. . .
It is officially Fall here in Nashville and I LOVE IT!! It’s rainy and chilly outside and I am at a coffee shop in the village watching people in hoodies and scarves happily walk by drinking HOT coffee ( the official change from hot to iced drinks just changed in my book). I LOVE IT! One of my favorite things to do is work at a coffee shop. I love the noise, the gift of distraction, and most importantly it’s where I get inspiration. I am not someone who likes the quiet (just ask my husband) But I am learning to appreciate it (maybe check with my husband on that!).

Well I am off to work on photos whilst listening to Jonatha Brooke’s “10 Cent Wings” I am going to see her Friday night!!
It’s an editing afternoon today. Check out this little cutie!!

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