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Queen Anne’s Lace

Because I’ve been asked. . . .

Queen Anne’s Lace is a flowering plant ( a wildflower) that got it’s name because it resembles lace; and the small red flower in the center represents a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle while she was making lace. ouch!

My Granddad was from a little town in the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee called Toestring ( yes you read correctly!) Story is there was a sign with a drawing of a boy sitting on a dock fishing with a string tied to his toe. Now my Grandmother was a city girl from Cincinnati. . .I’d say they had pretty opposite hometowns! Soon after they were married they went to visit my Granddad’s family in Toestring. It was late one Saturday night when his family remembered that they were to provide the flowers for the church service the next morning. My Grandmother being the city girl that she was panicked a bit knowing that no flower shops would be open. But my Granddad’s family didn’t seem bothered at all and assured her that they would take care of it in the morning. Early the next morning before the church service, they went up into the mountain and picked bundles and bundles and bundles of Queen Anne’s Lace. They brought it back down to the small presbyterian church in town and filled the altar with this simple beautiful wildflower. My Grandmother said to her surprise, that it was the most beautiful church that she had ever seen!

My Grandmother passed away when I was young, but I know I would have loved her sense of style and creativity. She sewed the coolest clothes for my mom and aunt. She was extremely creative and crafty! And one of my favorite things to hear is how she made bags. . .lots of Bags! And if you know me you know I have a slight obsession with. . . bags! I hear the stories of her and laugh ( she was crazy funny) and know that we would have been great friends. My aunt once told me how I remind her of Mama Ethel. . . and I couldn’t be more flattered!

When planning my wedding and deciding which flowers to use my mom and I knew we needed “a few bundles” of Queen Anne’s Lace!! So it filled the altar, lined the aisle and completed my bouquet that day. It was the prettiest church I had seen and I like to think my Grandmother would have agreed.

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