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I just got home from Haiti, and I can’t wait to return soon ( Hopefully!) It was a fast visit, but so much packed into two days! Yesterday we visited our country office which is the largest office out of the south and central American offices. It was well organized ( as all country offices are) and filled with people doing amazing work (as all country offices are). Haiti has right over 57,000 kids in the program and in June just before the 40th anniversary for Compassion working in Haiti they are projecting 60,000 kids. Did you read that??? . . 60,000 children sponsored!!!. It was just amazing to get to visit a country we haven’t been able to really visit in a while.
The hubbub went to Haiti on his first Compassion trip 8 1/2 years ago. I love that we have been to the same country separately and I can now better picture his journey and the images that have stayed with him. While he was there he met our sponsored child Misna ( who was 3 at the time). She lives on the island lagonave in the Haitian gulf. Unfortunately because of our short trip and the fact that she lives on the island I didn’t get to meet her. But just to be in her country to see the extreme poverty throughout has given me a glimpse into the reality of her life. And one day maybe I will visit lagahnoh and Misna but until then I am thankful for knowing how to better pray for her, her family and her country.

We also went to a project in Port Au Prince. It was a newer project that opened in 2006. There were 100+ kids under the age of 5!!! It was so much fun seeing these little kids and I mean little =) They greeted us with a song a loud “BONJOUR” there is nothing like the sound of little kids greeting you at the top of their lungs. Dressed up in their uniforms (which killed me) some had their names hand stitched onto the front pocket!!

More photos are being added to the Compassion Flickr site.

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