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When I grow up. . .

Career day, remember that day in elementary school? Where you and your friends dressed up like grown ups imagining your grown up career! I wanted to be a singer so I think I dressed up like a rockstar but a bit “punky brewster-ish” looking.

These kids don’t dress up for Career day in fact its not Career day for them. Its every day. It’s their dream. . . their passion. They tell you what they WILL be when they grow up with the look of accomplishment already in their eyes! They have thought and prayed about it and thanks to Compassion they have the hope to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with the knowledge that they will be something!

At our first project these teenagers told us one by one what they will be when they grow up:

A doctor. . . so she can help the sick in her neighborhood
A teacher. . . like the one she has now
A nurse. . . so she can help others
An engineer
A shop owner
And the list goes on!

Carlos made this video and it again shows a boy name Butewas, who will one day be an engineer!

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