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So here it is. . .

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
Before we start. . .I am not a writer and this is LONG.

Last Wednesday we went to one of the best project visits I have ever had! When you pull up to this you know its going to be a good day:

And it was! We played and played and played and had an exciting drive with less than smooth roads as Carlos demonstrates here:

Back to the Speake Hotel for a chill evening of pictures, blogging, dinner and conversation so I thought. . . (start suspense music here!)

A quick shower and off to upload pics was my plan little did I know it was sooo not the plan. You see the Speake Hotel is supposed to be “The Queen’s Hotel” Well let me just say that that shower is not fit for a Queen. Not that I am in any way calling myself a queen. Its just not fit for a queen or king or possibly any human.

I remember getting in. . . I remember starting to get out and then. . . I remember sweet Anne asking if I was okay. Was I okay?? I remember thinking. . .surely I am okay then a quick turn to try and get up and the sight of some red let me know “ohh NO! I am not okay” So Anne Sophie and Shannon were quick to the rescue and the next thing I know. I am dressed ( remember I WAS taking a shower. . . yes HELLO!!!) sitting on the side of the bed getting an ice pack, my hair pulled back, a couple butterfly bandages, a back rub a mani and a pedi ( okay maybe not the last two but I felt so relaxed!!) Two southern mamas telling me everything was “Gunna Bee Jest Fiiiiiinnne” was just what I needed!
Sure I felt some pain, but they were the best little fibbers letting me know I probably didn’t even need stitches. . . ummmmm until Spence and Brian came in and I saw the call to action on their faces ( plus it doesn’t help that I know these two guys pretty well! So well that they can’t lie to me and they sure as heck can’t talk in a comforting southern accent like the mamas) !

So off to the International Hospital in Kampala Uganda yes the HOSPITAL IN UGANDA! Every traveler and every traveler’s mother’s worst fear! ( I am sorry mom!) Brian and Doug’s wife Charlotta (who is a nurse. . .praise the Lord) came along for the adventure. The first thing I said as we walked up to the OPEN AIR hospital was “ I forgot my camera!” But we had Brian’s trusty treo. Phew! This would not go undocumented. Now keep in mind I could not stop laughing. And the laughing hurt ( so then there would be a few tears) but all I could say was “I fell out of the shower!. . . “I Fell Out Of The Shower!” YES!. . . “I – FELL – OUT – OF – THE – SHOWER!!” They took me back to this room where in walks a nurse and without a “hello” or “what happened here” her first words were “ So Sorry” then as she is looking at the gash in my forehead I hear another “ So Sorry” from the Doctor. Anytime a non Mazungu ( person of white color) greeted me I received the calming “ So Sorry!” Little did I know this would be the trend of the rest of my stay in Uganda. (seriously more on that later!) So then they start the stitches umm yes that little spill in the shower is now resulting to a head injury. STITCHES IN UGANDA at the HOSPITAL! I have never had stitches before so I was a bit nervous, and you have to stay still so the fact that I was still laughing was not helping. As she started the stitches I couldn’t help but look up at the ceiling to see the plethora of bugs dancing over my head. Thanks to Brian we have a nice picture of a fly resting on my dr.’s arm as she is going in for the first stitch! **breathe stay calm don’t laugh, breathe stay calm don’t laugh** Ahhh the joys of being in the hospital in UGANDA. . .again, sorry mom! So 12-15 stitches later they were done with a little pinching pulling and biting my tongue. And then it was off to the xray area. I kid you not this machine and the little xray jacket things were from 1950!! Hello radiology dept.! Again laughing in shock and disbelief and the fact that OH YEAH I FELL OUT OF THE SHOWER! So the xray came back – did I mention this was the first xray I have ever had of my head. . . and I got to keep it! Yes that adds to the highlights of the journey.

So many medical firsts that night. The xray came back fine as far as my head was concerned and the people at the hospital were great! Our unbelievable Compassion Country staff were beyond AWESOME sending our country staff doctor over as well as staff members. . .all for me? Because of my clumsiness! Ugh how do you thank these people!

So back to the Speake we went all anticipating the buffet cause all that drama makes you hungry! The sweet doorman greeted me with none other than a “ So Sorry” the nice waiter instead of asking what I’d like to drink I got a “So Sorry” Did I look THAT bad or are these people just REALLY nice??? Answer: Ugandans are REALLY nice! More on that later.

I slept okay that evening woke up the next day and a little bump to the head wasn’t going to stand in my way. ( yes I just rhymed! ) So off we went and continued an amazing trip with stitches bruises bumps and all. Embracing every “So Sorry” as it came my way. When in Uganda enjoy the Ugandans!

Now to the nose. We were so worried about my head
we forgot about my nose. . .

Basicially here is the deal. Come Friday my face hurt. Rightfully so. I fell on it OUT OF THE SHOWER! After what little swelling I had went down ( I am telling you I was FORTUNATE!) I had a tiny bruise under my eye ( again FORTUNATE) and started to feel like my face had hit the tile floor. I suspected my nose might have been a little broken like a tiny hairline break because it hurt, but then come Sunday it was full on crooked not super noticeable but I knew something wasn’t right. So 30 + hours on a plane. . .OUCH ( thank goodness for pharmaceuticals) Tuesday morning it was home sweet home with my American dr. who took one look at the xray and said “ Girl! You have got a broken nose. . . in 3 places!”


So that’s where I am now. . . awaiting surgery to fix a broken nose that happened in UGANDA all because I FELL OUT OF A SHOWER!

** if you read all this then you are my mom ( Hi! ) or truly my friend!.**
** I CAN NOT thank these people enough!! Seriously . .. . thank them for me send them e-cards they are awesome**

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