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An Ode to Mrs. Beery . . .

I hope you forgive my absence from this here blog. I have been recovering from surgery for my broken nose.

Yesterday my mom and I remembered a little story that involved me and a certain incident in the 4th grade.
Here is a little diddy I wrote today for my teacher.
As I recall we were playing an elementary game where you throw your hand in front of someone’s face in hopes of scaring them.
Well instead of scaring or not scaring I managed to injure. . .

An Ode to Mrs. Beery. . .

“Are you afraid of a butterfly?”
That game is probably how you remember me by.
Well I didnt mean for it to turn violent that day in 1993.
A game was all it was to be.

Another little girl pushed me right into you
It wasnt an act of keely kung fu
the push caused my wee little fist to jab you in the nose
I promise It’s not at all what I would have chose.

I was sorry back then
but I’m truly sorry now for what happened when I was only ten.

I am sorry Mrs. Berry for your broken nose
For I am now experiencing that pain I suppose
The surgery
The drugs
The feeling
The nose splint

And might I add you had style to wear that splint with a smile when you returned the next week to teach 4th grade.

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