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Inspiration. . .

Okay my Spring Clean Weekend turned into the big Office redo.
I decided to tear out the closet and redo the office.
So needless to say it’s a mess!
(picture to come!)
It might be a while before this little clean-up of ONE room is done!

You see I run into a little dilemma
I love pictures (obviously!)
but stacks of magazines fill our house. . . pictures from magazines 

fill my inspiration box. . .there is even a folder on my desktop labeled 
what you ask? That’s right Inspiration!
I get so inspired by pictures that I cant decide how I want to proceed with the a change!

This isn’t going to be a BIG change ( I like what I have) it’s just a clean up with a few additions.
But once I start looking at photos I can’t stop. 

It’s a dilemma.
Pictures are just the inspiration I need to get movin’.
Whether its redoing a room, taking my own photos or creating something.
I love a picture that inspires.

Do I want to hang pictures like this? and I think the answer is Yes! 
      via – designsponge

Do I want boxes like this? Which may I add, the hubbub thinks boxes don’t solve problems. . .I disagree. This looks problem free. ha!
    via – west elm

Would I feel inspired in this room?
Obviously not what I am out to do. But it looks so fresh and relaxing.
Ahhh. . .I could work there. . . could you?
     via – designsponge

What inspires you?

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