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The Homeless Guy

Blogging is for everyone. . . including the homeless.

I recently learned about Kevin Barbeaux. Kevin is a homeless man that lives in downtown Nashville and every now and then visits our church through their Room at the Inn program. I have never been introduced to Kevin but I have been getting to know him because I’ve been reading his blog. I am not only intrigued by his life, but also his mission.
What a different approach to blogging! Its amazing to see how he uses the resources that are available to him to create an outlet that gives people a glimpse of what life is like living on the streets of downtown Nashville.

At the moment he is in search for an answer to a question thats harder than we think, What is the definition of homeless?

His post “Poverty Does Not Cause Homelessness” had me reading this statement again:

Don’t get me wrong, poverty is a terrible thing, and should be eradicated as much as possible. But even if there were no poverty, there would still be homelessness.

Or in his post “Addiction Does Not Cause Homelessness” I was left thinking about this:

. . .the thing that causes the drinking and drug use is the thing that causes the homelessness. Solve the problem that drives a person to become homeless, and you cure both the homelessness and the addiction.

I enjoy how he not only shares what’s going on with homelessness as a whole, but also homelessness in Nashville. Here’s something I didn’t hear on the news:

. . . the homeless have been forced to stop carrying all their belongings with them, which means they now have to hide their belongings wherever they can. And it often happens that their things are found by others and either stolen or thrown away. Such loss of property is very damaging to the homeless, making it all that much harder for them to overcome their homelessness.

Kevin posts during the day from our downtown library I believe he was given a laptop, but he also uses the library computers. And after doing a little research on him ( cause I am still trying to figure this whole thing out) I have learned that his blog has gotten a ton of attention across the states. He has been chronically homeless experiencing several episodes of homelessness since the age of 21. And from what I have read so far, he strives to inform his readers on what life is like. Including his thoughts on the struggles and the misperceptions we might have.

To read Kevin’s blog go Here

and get this. . . You can even follow him on Twitter Here

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