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Confessions of a bad dog owner part 1,000,000,000,000. . . .

Poor Willis!
Here is what he looked like when we dropped him off at the kennel for the weekend. . .
and here is what he looked like when we picked him up yesterday. . . 

I promise you he weighs 10 lbs less due to his loss of hair!

You see here are a few facts about wheaten terriers:
1. Good wheaten owners brush their dogs for 45 minutes 

YES, 45 minutes every 2 days!
2. Wheatens hair mats like crazy hence the reason for brushing them for 45 minutes every 2 days.
3. They are the cutest of dogs either way!

While we are being honest. . .
The hubs patiently brushes our little Will ( and does a great job at it) and I do not. 

And I am aware that this
Since we both travel for a living I should probably pitch in!
It’s part of the reason why our sweet Willis now has a image complex!
Thanks for reading my Confessions of a bad dog owner part 1,000,000,000,000,000. . . . .

I am off to tell my dog in the high pitch, loving and affirming voice that he is the Cutest Puppy I have EVER seen!

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