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Aware of the Creative

How aware are you?

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As a photographer I am constantly trying to be aware & look for moments that you might not see in hopes of capturing the spontaneous.
But I didn’t see the moonwalking bear!! How could I miss that bear? 

It . Was . Moonwalking!?!?

This video was just a little reminder to be more aware of the details.

Details in my day often spark creativity. . .colors, contrasts, architecture, shapes, expressions are just a few. It’s about being more aware of my surroundings and noticing the creative.
I came across this quote about one of my favorite creative geniuses Walt Disney.
Walt Disney was an extraordinary individual. . . He had an astounding creative awareness. He not only stored up ideas and material in his mind, but he was alert to ideas and story material in the world around him. He was thinking and creating on many different levels, at all times, twenty-four-hours a day. It was exciting and stimulating to be around him, because ideas were constantly whirling around him. If you stood next to him, you caught some of his creative awareness. You began to see the world the way he saw it. You began to inhabit his world of ideas.

taken from the book “How to be like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic”

Creativity is not only an ability it’s also an awareness.
How are you doing on your Creative Awareness??
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