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American Idol Fantasy League

Last night was the Party of the week. . .month. . .season! It was our American Idol Fantasy League Party! And what better night to party and watch with your friends than when ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER is the guest! Because you know you will walk away with some one-liner gems.
So you might be wondering “Fantasy League” and yes, its similar to fantasy football but with singing, song choices, apperance, bottom three’s and eliminations. 

Soooo obviously the scoring differs. HA! 
But with Team Names like:
Seacrest Out, AMightyWin, Simonsays, Yo Yo Dawg, PaulaTics, Sanjaya Rocks, Idolsmith, Team Hasselhoff and many many more You can imagine the creative fun! The IdolSchmidol inc. is the creation of our fearless leader a.k.a the Commissioner (who dressed like THE david cook.)
We all gathered at Team35’s house. . .Thanks for hosting!
There were DELICIOUS Jason Castro Cookies provided by the Idolsmiths
One of our players owns The best Burrito place in town and provided
The best Burrito’s in Town. Seriously you MUST eat here!!

There were Costumes. . .
(because every American Idol Party needs a Gorilla)

David Cook was there again!

ZebraFight won for the night with their take on 

Carly + Her Tattoo’d Husband. 
IT . WAS . AWESOME but sadly I don’t have a great pic.

And There was trivia:
– How many times will Randy say “Dawg”
– How many times will they show David Arch’s dad in the audience?
– How many times will Carly make the Edie Veder Face?
– How many times will Paula stand up and dance?
– How many times will David Cook give the ” I know I am Big deal” look?

And when there is trivia there are prizes

– Best of Idol Cd’s
– Simons Book on how to become an IDOL!!
– Clay Aiken Merchandise
– And the best was this. . .
The David Archuletta WALL CLOCK!

Some highlights of the show for me:

How funny is this guy! Having grown up doing theater he has always been at the top of the lists of people I would like to have dinner with and well last night moved him up a few more spaces on that lists.

– Watching the show with a room full of the funniest people I know who happen to be extremely talented made for an entertaining night. Thank goodness for their directtv cause we were replaying like crazy!

– Syesha Mercado
” I think she could well bring the house down” ALW
And I think I agree!

– Jason Castro – Singing Memory
“I never in my life thought I’d see a boy in dreads singing Memory” -ALW
“I didn’t know this song was sung by a cat” – JC

– Brooke White – You Must Love Me
” She doesn’t have a clue what she is singing about” – ALW
– When explaining the song to her he says ” She’s dying and she knows it” And sweet Brooke says “YES” with a This – is – where – I – give – my – sad – pout – right?

– David Archuleta – Think of Me
” Can’t wait to hear him sing a song that I wrote for a DIVA, written for a girl”- ALW
” Two pieces of advice David. One keep your eyes open and two, keep your eyes open” ALW

-David Cook
” Imagine singing this to a gorgeous girl. . .a 17 year old” ALW
” UGH No NO I am 25″ DC

– Carly Smithson – (Jesus Christ) Superstar
Love Love Love’d her outfit tonight. . .FINALLY! 

” She’s a big big singer that girl!” ALW
– The whole t-shirt thing. . . “Simon Loves me (This Week) hmmm?

So Thanks Idol League. . .It was a fun night. Now let the game continue!

So this post is making a few appearances today. . .

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