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Simply Sunday

Blogs / inspiration / causes I love. . .and you should too!

Ikea decorates a monorail in Kobe, Japan in celebration of their store opening.

– a little something to shop for? check out Three Potato Four!

Gregory Crewdson. I just watched a story on this photographer on cbs sunday morning. He has a way of capturing the beautiful and the mysterious.
On a side note he was in a band is the 70’s called the speedies and co-wrote this song “Let me take your photo” . A song that makes this commercial

He went from a musician to a photographer.

– How cool is the artwork/design on this page. . .
My friend Kristin Russell just wrote the book Recovering Ramona
( its not out yet! ) but sign up HERE to be one of the firsts.
It’s been fun to watch this process!

– Domino Magazine inspires again. . .Check out their 50 painted rooms slideshow to inspire your Pain Palette!
I am in a yellow mood lately!

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