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Elevator Warning. . .

This is a sad story and if you are afraid of elevators 

this is just a warning.

I found this New Yorker article online and was captivated by the story. Its a long article so I skimmed it a bit. But the video that accompanies the story is unreal

in a sort of a whimsical way.

Its the story of Nicholas White ( an employee of Business Week) who was stuck in an elevator for 41 HOURS!
The surveillance video shows him endlessly circling the elevator box and it “. . .was recorded at forty times regular speed, which makes him look like a bug in a box”

The story shows how he remained calm ( which is amazing!) until the end when his anger set in. His anger resulted in a drawn out law suit. And he soon became overwhelmed by the news media, which is ironic since that was his career. 
But Nicholas never went back to work at the magazine 
( he worked there for 15 years). He lost contact with friends, he lost his apartment, he spent all of his money and is currently unemployed. **not the ending you were thinking huh?**
The last paragraph is what really grabbed me. . .
Looking back on the experience now, with a peculiarly melancholic kind of bewilderment, he recognizes that he walked onto an elevator one night, with his life in one kind of shape, and emerged from it with his life in another. Still, he now sees that it wasn’t so much the elevator that changed him as his reaction to it. He has come to terms with the trauma of the experience but not with his decision to pursue a lawsuit instead of returning to work. If anything, it prolonged the entrapment. He won’t blame the elevator

He won’t blame the elevator.

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