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This photographer makes me wanna. . .
Jump Jump
The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump
The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump
Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump
uh huh uh huh
Believe dat

This is Lilly McElroy

Lilly is a photographer that is doing a series of photos where she is JUMPING in the air and throwing herself at men hence the series name ” Throwing Myself at Men”

Lilly McElroy takes things literally and cant help being clumsy. The work she produces is a cross between physical comedy and earnest confessional. She throws her whole body into it and often leads with her chest. . . .There are photographs of her throwing herself at men. The gestures that Lilly performs for the camera are simultaneously loving and cruel; they are an attempt to discuss the desire and difficulty involved in making a connection. . . . These photographs acknowledge the possibility of failure – that someone might not catch her, that a connection might not be made. It is that possibility that keeps things interesting. In the end, Lilly wants to make the viewer laugh, but she wants them to understand that there is more at stake, that everyone is implicated including her.

Visit Lilly’s website Here and her series Here.

:: via The Year in Pictures

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