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You know. . .JUNO?

So I just watched the movie Juno for the first time this week and I LOVED it! Can’t believe it took me this long to see it! I was so smitten with the quirkiness of the film and the creative behind it. The opening title sequence was so intriguing to me I decided to dig a little deeper about this tedious art. . .

. . . it’s a lo-fi animation sequence in which the teen of the title strolls pensively through her neighbourhood, chug-a-lugging a jug of SunnyD in preparation for a pregnancy test. With cut-out Xerox images of Ellen Page, hand-drawn typography and a whimsical tune by kids’ balladeer Barry Louis Polisar on the soundtrack, it immediately tells us this is going to be a sweet, funny-sad film with an indie spirit. And, of course, it is.

The animation was done by Shadowplay Studios and you can check out their site and their FLICKR to see a little sneak peak at how they make live action film transition into animation!

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