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Simply Sunday: Father’s Day Edition

Today is for my dad!
As we talked today we got excited about what we will do when I visit in a couple weeks! Going to the Astros game. . .eating great food. . . and then to the country where we can sit and relax and enjoy one of his new favorite views.
My dad ( affectionately known as T.O. to most) is the most supportive dad I could ever ask for. With him anything is possible and he will support me and encourage me with every strange adventure. Growing up he was at almost every single musical, concert, sporting event, and school function. I could probably count the ones he missed on one hand. . .there weren’t many! He was ALWAYS there to say he was proud!
Not a phone call or visit goes by without a joke or two or three or four. If your lucky you even here the same one more than once! My dad is funny I mean FUNNY! He is always the center of attention and knows how to captivate a room with a good story. . .with the perfect touch of appropriate embellishments. . . for dramatical effect of course!
So Here’s to my dad. . . the most loving, compassionate, supportive dad that a little girl could ask for!

And may I add he is the BEST “two-stepper” on both sides of the mississippi!
i . love . you DAD! 
see you soon!

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