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Ten out of Tenn

Saturday night we went to the first night of the

” Ten out of Tenn” tour and it was so great!

It made us proud to be Nashvillians and see our friends on stage truly giving an amazing show!

The artists:

Jeremy Lister , Andy Davis , Katie Herzig, Trent Dabbs, K.S. Rhoads, Griffin House, Butterfly Boucher, Tyler James, Erin McCarley and Matthew Perryman Jones.

Here’s a little bit more:

Nashville, TN: Its no secret that the home of country music serves as a hideout for one of America’s most bustling music scenes. People move to Nashville aspiring to change it, only to find themselves chewed up and spit out by the spirit that gave us Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, and Bob Dylan. What rises from the dust are songs with ache and pain, hopes and sorrows, victories and defeats. But redemption is found in the community of people whose kinship runs much deeper than the music.

Ten out of Tenn is a compilation that shines a light on a few of the many Nashville artists who haven’t waited around for the world to hear about them. With TV being the new radio and beat up vans the new tour bus, this generation of American originals have taken full advantage of opportunities to take their music beyond the city limits of their adopted home town. Years of restlessness and work have allowed competition to give way to a community where late nights on the front porch are king.

Ten out of Tenn volume 1 was released in 2005 and partnered with Myspace and Paste Magazine for an extensive national tour. Volume 2 is partnering with American Songwriter Magazine for a tour set to launch on July 19 at Nashville’s historic Cannery Ballroom. The tour will feature a rotating lineup of artists sharing musicians and supporting one another.

Be sure to check out their Myspace Page HERE So you can see if they are coming to a city near you! And if they aren’t ( or even if they are ) you can also purchase their Compilation Cd which is way worth it!

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