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Peru. . .yooo hoo!

I am headed to Peru today with Compassion International!. So be sure to check in cause I will hopefully be blogging away! Also check out my friend Spence’s blog cause he’s here too!

Here are some interesting facts about Peru. . .

– If you are from Peru then your nationality is Peruvian.
– The life expectancy at birth for people in Peru is 69.84. This is due to the poverty in the country and the lack of doctors.
– The largest ethnic group in Peru is the Amerindian, followed closely by the Mestizo and white.
– 90% of people in Peru belong to the Roman Catholic religion.
– The literacy rate in Peru is 90.9% which is impressive for a country with so much poverty.
– Peru was the homeland of the Inca Empire until 1533 when it was taken over by Spanish conquistadores.
– Peru’s most famous sport is Soccer, but they also enjoy tennis, surfing, beach volleyball, and sailing.
– In west Peru there are some desert lands, where in the east it is a very tropical climate
– Peru’s natural resources are silver, gold, copper, timber, fish, petroleum, coal, iron, ore, phosphate, potash, hydropower
– Peru has to deal with natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, volcanic activity, and mudslides.
– Peru features over of 3000 kilometers of railway.
– Peru is home to the famous Lake Titicaca.

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