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The Ant and The Bee

We visited the Compassion Country office today & they gave us these amazing books filled with short stories & art work done by the children of the Dominican Republic ( and their will be more to come on this FOR SURE) But tonight as I was flipping through the book I was so excited and overwhelmed with seeing a showcase of how the creative arts are affecting our children here in the Dominican.
I hope to share more of this book with you but for now here is a short story. . .
This is a literal transation so keep that in mind. . .I love it!

The Ant and The Bee FolkTale
La Hormiguita y la Abeja

by: Kimberly Vanely
Kimberly is 9 years old, She lives with her mother and her father. She has two brothers and one sister. She wants to be a doctor when she is grown. She loves to sing very much.

In a very early Sunday morning on Christmas time, a bee was flying so high not to feel the cold. When time passed, the bee began descending and started searching for a beehive, which she had lost during a strom that had taken place at the forest the night before.
All of the sudden she sees a little lonely ant on the way and she thought the ant seemed sad. She noticed that it was dragging one leg; so it stopped flying until she got in front of the ant.
What is wrong? The bee asked the ant.
The storm attacked me yesterday night and my leg broke, and even though I am taking a lump of sugar I have not been able to eat it because I have not found water.
I know what to do! – said the bee –
Give me that lump of sugar and I will turn it into honey and we can both eat.
Deal – said the ant.-
Within a short time both friends enjoyed some delicious just made honey.
The bee tried to strengthen as she could the broken leg of the ant and placed something she took out of her mouth.
The next day they decided to mark together and so they did holding hands. It was very nice to see how these two friends remained in the forest. At last winter was over and when spring came and the forest was covered with beautiful flowers and the birds sang happily, both friends separated, not without first giving each other a strong hug and promised that in the futre they would visit each other.
So they left crying and all of a sudden the ant turned to her friend the bee and began to cry. I will no leave you friend of my soul and together they walked through the forest and were happy forever.

This story relates to that of David and Jonathan, who’s friendship was so great that Jonathan was prompted to help David so that his father would not kill him and gave him his sword. That is how friendship in humanity should be. Sincere and prompting to help during troubled times.


This week is about building friendships ( David and Jonathan) and seeing relationships with sponsors (one’s here and one’s back home! )
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