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Happy Birthday Apple!

Today Apple’s Macintosh turns 25! 

I dont know about you but I sure am Thankful that little Apple was born. I love ALL things Apple and I truly think I would be lost ( and less creative) without them. 
In their first marketing ( see below) they stated
“Macintosh was designed on the simple premise that a computer is a lot more useful 
if its easy to use.”
I say AMEN to that and Kudos for keeping that model over the years!
MacRumors has a great little tribute of info but I loved their link to the group Mac512
Check out this timeline. . .Where did you join in on the Apple Fun?

Milestones in Macintosh’s life include:
-1984 – original Macintosh introduced with 128K of RAM, Motorola 68000 CPU, 9” 512×342 pixel monitor, 3.5” 400K floppy disk drive. All in a compact “portable” unit (about as portable as you could get back then).
-1985 – Mac 512K introduced. This was the real usable Macintosh. LaserWriter appeared with the utmost quality.
-1987 – Macintosh II introduced. Color Mac with a fast Motorola 68020 CPU with NuBus card slots. (Cost $3,898)
-1988 – PowerPC G3 models and G3 iMac – the power of the G3 chip made Macs fast again. iMac ($1,299)
-1990 – Macintosh IIfx – Fastest Macintosh with special ASIC chips to offload sound and serial communications from the CPU ($9,900)
-1991 – PowerBook 100 – The “true” Macintosh modern laptop. ($2,500)
-1993 – Color Classic – last of the Macintosh classic line ($1,390)
-1997 – Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh – Proving Macintosh could look as good as an expensive car. ($7,500)
-1999 – Power PC G4 CPU with AltaVec. First PC classified as a supercomputer. Power Mac G4/500 ($3,499)
-2001 – Mac OS X ships – putting Macintosh in line with the 21st century operating systems.
-2003 – Mac G5 CPU – Putting Macintosh over the 1 Ghz speed mark. Power Macintosh G5 ($1,999)
-2006 – Intel -based Macintosh – Speeds up through 3 Ghz are finally available. Mac Pro ($2,799)
-2008 – MacBook Air – Like it or not this is the lightest portable PC on the market. ($1,799)

Thank you 1993 Color Classic. . . You were my first love!

Now my apple repertoire ( if I may call it that) consists of imac, ipod, macbook, iphone, appletv. . .music to my ears.

Mac512 posted these FIRST videos of Apple that are so classic. . .So gather around and enjoy as you eat your cake and ice cream while singing Happy Birthday Apple and saying things like. . .”MY How You Have Grown” and ” I remember when you. . .” and of course ” I am so glad your mama ( Mr. Jobs) had you”

Part 1

Part 2

And for the ice cream on the cake ( with a cherry on top. . . of course!) this wonderfully classic 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

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