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Simply Sunday : Haiti Edition

I just returned from Haiti with Compassion where we had limited (Nada) email access all week sooo there are videos, photos and stories to come. . . stay tuned.

We had a bit of a rough start . . .what should be a quick trip turned into a day 1/2 of travel. My friend and wonderful co-worker Brian gives a great quick summary in the video below. There are a lot of this’ and thats in the video so to cliffnote it here it goes:

This #1 – flight to Miami
This #2 – mechanical probs on runway back and deplane in Miami
This #3 – re-board and leave very late (4hrs) for Haiti
This #4 – Almost crash**
This #5 – We go BACK TO MIAMI
This #6 – We go thru Customs and are very confused
This #7 – We sleep at a hotel in Miami for 3 wonderful ? hours
This #8 – We fly back to Haiti and LAND
This #9 – The Nashville Peeps have NO BAGS they are lost in the system
This #10 – Brian argues with American Airlines
This #11 – We are in Haiti with no bags**

**The “This #4” that he refers to with the motion of his hand flying back up in the air was a moment I will never forget as it was the WORST FLIGHT EVER. Have you ever had to abort a landing moments before touch down?? Not . Fun . Not . Fun . AT ALL! Turbulence and Fear like never before.
** Bags came Wed. Night. . .WHOO HOO

There is so much to say about this trip! Haiti is one of the hardest places I have been to. The Hubs and I sponsor Misna there ( who we got to spend time with) A whole post on that is in the works because it was an AWESOME moment! Haiti is a difficult trip to process. . .I love that country in a painful way.

This Sunday I am thinking about these women

We were playing with kids outside one of our projects in Port-Au-Prince with beautiful singing in the background that afternoon. I followed the sound away from the playground to walk into a room of women singing and worshiping. They were BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad I captured it on video so you can hear too!

I uploaded photos to my flickr you can check them out HERE

Have a great Sunday and if you think of it say a prayer of Hope for Haiti today.

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