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Admiral Boom is paying a visit. . .

Do you remember Admiral Boom??
Aye Aye Captian. . .
Here I will help you out with this chim chimney of a clip

Well Admiral Boom is paying us a visit the next couple of weeks but he looks a wee bit different. Instead of being a funny old british captain of the sea ours is an overalls wearing bubba of Tennessee who is blowing a loud horn rather than a tuned whistle… but who’s comparing?

This is what my front yard looks like


They demolished the existing building to build a new one that will be OH So FAB
But in the meantime we prepare at each “sounding” of the horn for the BLAST. . .
My poor little pup suffers the most ( well maybe our foundation does)

Oh and that part at about 1:10 in that clip, where they are bracing pictures and balancing vases…
That my friends is what I look like.

But let me tell you they are “famous for PUNC-TU-AL-ITY !”
6:45 am my friends

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