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Meet Amy

Meet Amy

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She is the one dancing her heart out in the middle

full of joy

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full of life

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When Amy was 2 months old she was diagnosed with Cancer in her eyes and lost her sight. The Doctors said she would live for maybe 6 weeks, but she is FULL of life 6 years later.

As each of us met Amy she gently felt each of our faces, grabbed our hair, rubbed her hand against our hand asked her mom what everything was that was different: a ring, a watch, a camera or even a band aide. She was curious and eager to know.

We were able to spend time with Amy and her family and got to see a glimpse of her days. We listened as her mom talked about the exhausting task of finding a school that she can attend and then listened how she toured the building the day before and we saw all the excitement and nerves Amy has about starting next week. We heard about the medical procedures and the lasting impact Amy has had on the lives she meets. We went to her home and got to see her new braille machine that she is learning how to use, thanks to the support of Compassion. She proudly showed us her ABC’s as we all admired with cheers. Her mom has taught her how to recognize each crayon by a different texture and as she finished going through saying ” ROJO, AZUL, VERDE. . .” she shouted ” I know ALL my colors!”

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She LOVED the camera she would hear the click and instantly make her way over and exclaim. . .

“I want to take a photo towards my mom!”

reach her fingers up and fire away on the shutter.

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When Kristin ( one of our artists) shared an amazing song in Amy’s living room she quickly wanted to share a song back. One that she had written for her mom when she had  a headache. it . was . beyond . cute!!

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Her personality was contagious!

I am thinking of Amy tonight and the truth that Kristin sang:

You are my Shepherd. . .you guide me when I can not see along rough paths. . .

I put my faith in you and follow

Not only does Amy face the difficulty of living in poverty but she faces it with a disability that her culture doesn’t fully understand. Compassion has been able to assist Amy with her medical needs but they are also providing a community. As I sat in her home I watched 5 of our project workers love on Amy, her mom and her siblings They are family… They are support. And Compassion, with Amy’s sponsor, has been the voice of hope and encouragement when they have needed it the most. I love when I can see first hand what Compassion is about. We are about the Church and we are about the body of Christ and today was a beautiful picture of that.

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September 12, 2009 - 9:07 am

Name Petra - Wow, thanks for sharing this amazing story. This child is a huge inspiration to all of us. God bless her and her family!

September 9, 2009 - 8:11 am

Name Patriciai - Brought me tears! Thanks for sharing about Amy, what a precious child.

September 9, 2009 - 7:40 am

Brandy - SO excited to see these picture and hear about Amy–because I actually wrote an article about her for the Compassion magazine a year or so ago. Love seeing how’s she grown, and love hearing about her contagious joy! You just made my morning about a million times better, Keely!


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