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The Music of Mothers. . .

Today we visited our Child Survival Program.

A program that is all about Moms and Babies! If you want to read more check out

I LOVE this program!

As we pulled up we were greeted by the Music of these Mothers singing as they escorted us into the church.

As they sang they hugged each of us with such bliss as we danced into their church. . . It was beautiful!

And what a day. . .getting to spend time with these mothers hearing about their trials and their joys. . .

hearing their stories!

You too can be a part of rescuing babies and helping these mothers!

So click on this picture to start a slideshow…see our day and hear the Music of Mothers. . .

March 5, 2010 - 11:59 am

C Lynn - Beautiful pictures! The flicker site where LOTS of Kenya pictures are posted….are those just your pictures or pictures from different members on the trip? Just curious.

Beautiful Work.

March 5, 2010 - 11:14 am

Diane Comstock - So YOU are the one responsible for the incredible images! :) Thank you for taking us there! I loved the music track playing with the images. In our family we sponsor four Kenyan children at four different projects and you happen to be visiting the project where the one who has absoutely captured my heart lives. I will be following your trip with rapt attention and will be covering all of you in prayer.

I have posted the following to three other blogs. I’m going to call it good with this one and leave you guys to your work. We say “God bless you” all of the time, but I mean in the most literal way: God bless you and your work and may His name be glorified both now and in the future through your efforts there.
THANK YOU so much for making this trip and telling us about it! I have a girl I sponsor in one of the projects you are going to and I am aching to hear current news of her. Last I heard, she was expecting a baby but I still don’t know the outcome. Her name is Deborah Awuor Omollo and she is in KE355 (Mathare) project. She is an exceptional 16 year-old girl, full of life and hope and faith in Christ. I would love it if you would hug her and her family for me if you meet them. She has a baby sister who is about 2 and is named after Condoleezza Rice. :) I know you are hugely busy and overwhelmed with processing all that you are experiencing so I won’t hold anything against you if you can’t do this, but if you can… you’d make me incredibly happy. :) God bless you on your journey. Love the Kenyans for us in Jesus name! :) ` Diane Comstock, Morgan Hill, CA (PS, I’m going to try to post this on the other blogs, too, just to cover my bases. :) ) my email:

March 4, 2010 - 1:10 pm

Lindsey Nobles - I love your pictures.

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