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yes, they know your name. . .

This morning we went to church at one of our partner churches.

I have been to church in a few of the countries we work, but never a church where pretty much the whole congregation was made up of kids. . .there were maybe 30 adults.

It was super fun and full of energy as you can imagine!!

As I sat behind the kids listening to the announcements for the morning two little girls came to sit with me.

One sat next to me and the other climbed right up in my lap.

Meet Meredith and Beth

Meredith was the calm quiet. . . behaved one.


Beth was the troublemaker in all of the cutest ways. I mean seriously


and check out her eyes in this video. . . troublemaker see. . .she’s a funny one.

Sweet Beth from keely Scott on Vimeo.

They sat and played with my hands, my camera, my hair, my freckles, my rings, my shirt. . .

At times Beth would get tired and just fall back into my arms. . .

it was a beautiful and sweet time of friendship.

thanks LV for the pics

As we were leaving Meredith raced out to the bus to say bye again. . .

I opened the window

And Meredith said with excitement

If you ever see James and Caroline tell them I say hello and greet them in the name of Jesus

I asked her if that was her sponsor she responded with a huge smile and a HUGE YES!

She went on to say. . .

They live in Canada, Will you go there? Please tell their children hello too. I love them so much!

So if you have ever wondered. . .

Yes, They know your name!

After church we headed to a super fun day of playing with sponsor kids… a time for our bloggers that sponsor to just hang out for the day.


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There were rides

face painting

crocodiles galore

Camel rides

Why yes, you do need to check out Shaun’s post


I have titled this picture. . .Como Say What??

I have always wanted a giraffe kiss, dont ask… Shaun is also thoroughly confused.

I decided to go back and say one last farewell to said mr. giraffe and got a SURPRISE kiss on the lens ( no lie!)

and after wiping some slobber off i am thankful it was my lens and not my cheek.

So MUWAH from said giraffe and Kenya

March 10, 2010 - 9:36 am

jan owen - i’ve loved following y’all this week. what gorgeous pictures – and what distressing pictures all at once. thank you for sharing.

March 8, 2010 - 7:33 pm

Dani - I hope that somehow James and Caroline from Canada get a chance to read this. Tears streaming down my face right now. Your photos tell a beautiful story of hope in what seems to be a place of hopelessness. They spirit of these people are amazing. That she tells you to greet them in the name of Jesus speaks volumes. God bless you for the work you are doing with the lives of these children.

March 7, 2010 - 6:25 pm

oh amanda - Awesome! The last letter I got from my sponsored child, she mentioned my 4yo by name. It felt shocking to hear her say it with such familiarity…but it’s b/c it IS familiar to her! I hope she knows we say her name with familiarity and love, too.

Thank you for the awesome post!

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