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Do You Remember. . .

As I started this blog I could not help but start singing Michael Jackson’s “Do you Remember”

“Remember The Times
Do You. Do You, Do You,
Do You,
Remember The Times”

So then I had to google that song and listen and watch some youtubes and 15 min later I am back!

Speaking of back. . .back to “Do you Remember” .

I started singing this to myself “Do you Remember the times. . .you used to blog keely oh oh keely oh?” I did . no lie. sang it. . .Out Loud and Proud!

Anyways I do remember and I do miss it! Both blogging and reading blogs. I opened my blog reader for the first time the other day and no lie there were 6,976 unread post in there. I marked all as “read” and was excited to see the new ones the next day and thankful I didnt have a weakness in my obsessiveness to feel the need to read through each . un . read . po . st!!

So here I am starting right back up  . . . fresh!

Since we last talked here’s a lil recap of my happenings. . .

Nashville . The flood

Thankful we did not have any damage in the flood ( We live downtown,but on a hill) however our neighborhood and many many others were badly damaged.

Here’s a quick little video from the morning of the flood in our area. . .

It has been so amazing to see the community of Nashville come together! There are people working endlessly on helping their neighbors rebuild!

It is beautiful!

A few of my Nashville Compassion Co-Workers & friends helping clean up a house!

The flood happened the first weekend in May and early that Sunday morning I had to catch a flight to El Salvador.

So after some tricky driving and back roads I made it to the flight!

It was hard to leave Nashville that morning but we had an amazing trip!

So many new friends and new stories!

ooooo AND how is zip-lining through the mountains of El Salvador for a new experience??

I changed my flight home from El Salvador to make a lil stop in The great state of Texas to visit my mom for Mothers Day!

And one of my best friends Cassie ( from Nashville) was in Houston visiting with her husband Nate AND (extra bonus) her parents from Australia!

Sooo We finally got to have our parents meet and hang. . .

The month of May flew by

and before I knew it We were on a plane headed to Texas for an amazing weekend retreat outside of San Antonio, in the hill country!

We floated in the Frio River

photo courtesy of CassieNash

We Read

We Relaxed

We Watched

We. . .

well I could go on and on but I wont today!

There is a whole post about the weekend on my “need to finish this post” list!

So that is To Be Continued!

And now we are at the end of June.



The end of June is one of my favorite times of the year. . .

The 26th is our anniversary ( happy 6th this year!)

It’s also my daddy-O’s bday!

Happy 60th!!!

Thats a Big Time Bday!!

And Then . . .

The 27th is my Gabey’s bday!

Happy 35th!!!

Also a Big Time Bday!!

And now we are Caught Up!

See? that wasn’t too bad! We are all caught up! Did you stick with me?

Caught Up!

Which is also how I feel in life. . .

Caught Up!

well as caught up as you can be!

The last couple months have been so refreshing and such a great time at home with my cute huz and our fun friends!

Loving these moments!

Hope you are enjoying moments this summer!

and speaking of moments & summer & enjoying. . .

It’s crazy hot this year huh?

July 5, 2010 - 4:59 pm

Tracee - Amazing pics! loved the one of the zip line. I would love to do that some day.

You captured all kinds of emotions in this post.
newness of travel, smiles, peace, relaxation, joy of adventure, seriousness…dang! nicely done!

June 29, 2010 - 6:23 am

Lindsey Nobles - Caught up! So glad. Talked to Marcie this morning and she said she read your post and loved it. She’d read it before I got a chance. 😀

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