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The Gift of Sponsorship. . .

Yesterday we had a BIG greeting

Screaming, Music, Jumping. . . A BIG greeting.

There was Dancing. . .

as Steve & Ryan gracefully and stylishly show

There was Music. . .

There was Ventriloquy or Ventriloquism. . .

( I wrote both words because neither has been used on this here blog and i like those words. . .fancy)

There was a drama that told a beautiful story. . .

And of course, there were beautiful kids filling the room

some older. . .

Some younger. . .

Lots of Kiddos. . .

There was a tour of their building. . .

lead by our college students in the Leadership Development Program

a.k.a one of my fav programs

And there were cutieeees like this little guy.

And this little guy, who just happened to be

A Doctor all day.

Why? because he was dreaming of what he WILL be one day.

There was lots of dreaming. . .

And then for Shannon and Mike, from California and a little girl in Colombia. . .

There was a Gift




for them. . .

The Gift of Sponsorship!

You must head on over to Shannon to let her tell you the WHOLE story

and its a



August 23, 2010 - 9:12 am

shawna - I love this! Your’s are the eyes that I love to look through, I think you are one of the most gifted visual story tellers today, there is something beautiful and organic about you and your work that others try hard to capture, it is natural for you and I love it!!!

August 19, 2010 - 11:50 am

Prairie Rose - Were these pictures taken at Kind Hands, center 321?? My little girl attends there but I don’t think I can identify her in any of the photos. Still if this is her project, I’m excited even to see that.

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