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Pieces of Our Lives

So this last month I was out on the road with Amy Grant on her tour

“Pieces of Our Lives”

Amy has partnered with Compassion for a little over 20 years. Together with Synergy ( a great production / tour company in town) they put together a tour that was focused on raising awareness and sponsors for Compassion’s

Leadership Development Program

This program is one of my favorites! And each night I SO enjoyed getting to share stories from my travels about the students I’ve met that have graduated university and are making a difference in their communities because of the work of Compassion!

The conversations each night were amazing!

And. . . the best part is we had one of our graduates from Kenya, Ben Mwangi, a former Compassion Child and graduate of the

Leadership Program share about his journey with Compassion each night!

And entertain us with his stories each day!

And let me just say. . .that never got old!

I was continually amazed watching him not only share his story each night but also watching him talk to people encouraging them to

Sponsor a Leadership Development Student

and send a child through University in their country!

Each night there was a beautiful art gallery that the guys at Synergy put together and . . . I mean beautiful. . .

It was so fun to walk into each venue and see amazing photos and art displayed in the various lobbies.

and if I may take this next little bit of your time to totally geek out for a moment

About half way through the tour I was standing in the gallery ( which I had done every other night) but this night I decided to read the little blurb under a photo I really liked and I TOTALLY had a moment as I realized it was a photo by

Annie Leibovitz.

One of my all time favorite portrait photographers. And seriously, this picture is stunning.

Amy was doing an ad for the Milk Campaign with Annie in the 90’s and in between shots Annie took a few photos of Amy and one of her daughters.

Okay done with the photo geek out. . .but I want you to stare at the photo for a sec.

Stunning huh?

Each night Amy & the band made it feel more like a living room then it did a venue

A really cool living room that just happened to be in some amazing venues

but you know what I mean. . .

And halfway through the night Amy would invite Ben up to join her on stage and share his story about

growing up in the slums of Kenya

how he joined Compassion as a boy, excelled in school and leadership and at 18 entered the University in Nairobi and graduated with a degree in Physics.

And now as a graduate he is spending about 9 months here in the states traveling and telling his story in hopes of getting others to sponsor and support Compassion.

Ben would end his story with a great challenge to those there and then he made his debut as a percussion player!

And after each night we would be full from a fun night and full from FOOD! ( and of course great bus conversation)

seriously Justin, our road manager, was pretty much a bus food connoisseur. He was sure to find each city’s . . .

“The Best_____”

But back to Ben =)

I was like a proud sister. . . So proud of him each night.

I LOVED watching sponsors want to talk with Ben afterward because I watched the story of Compassion become REAL to many many MORE people!!

November 15, 2010 - 9:49 pm

Alexis - BEN! Gosh I can’t believe he’s traveling around sharing his story next to Amy Grant! That’s so amazing. He’s a good one… I remember that Keith told him that we were gonna be in Nairobi and so he waited in the lobby for about 4 hours while we caught up on sleep and then showed us around the city. So cool.

November 15, 2010 - 5:49 pm

Jill Foley - I so would have loved to be at one of these events….two of my great loves – Amy Grant and Compassion LDP students. What a treat for you to experience this.

I grew up listening to Amy’s music and she still remains a favorite. Was just rocking out to “I Have Decided” the other night while I painted my bathroom!

And every LDP student I’ve met is a gem. Meeting them is a new hobby of mine : ) I had the awesome privilege of meeting David, the LDP student we correspond with in Peru. My husband just got back from Haiti where we sponsor an LDP student, but because of visit restrictions, was not able to meet her. So sad.

November 12, 2010 - 1:10 pm

Anonymous - How did you get the opportunity to travel with Amy Grant!? Do you work for Compassion? So cool! Love your work.

November 12, 2010 - 10:01 am

Stephanie Anderson - Love Annie Liebovitz! I totally geeked out when I saw an original Richard Avedon. I love your heart for compassion kids and the way you tell their stories through photo’s. We will have that coffee date soon! :)

November 9, 2010 - 8:26 pm

Ann Voskamp - Annie Leibovitz!
And that photo speaks.

And yours sing. All of them here — songs that move me.

And your Ben stringing my heart.

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