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What are you doing today? Make it SPECIAL. . .

You’ve probably seen this on Twitter. . .Facebook. . .blogs etc.  But I wanted to spread the new because

Today is the last day!

Dayspring Cards partnered with Compassion to do something BIG, SIMPLE and SPECIAL!

To partner with our Christmas Campaign ( where every child gets a gift) they are wanting to see kids get personalized Christmas Cards!

How great is that! You upload the photo and the design with Text. Dayspring will print and Compassion will translate !!

And they will HAND DELIVER the card to a Compassion child in Ecuador!

Here’s a bit more. . .

1. Personalize a card for a super special kid in Ecuador just dying to hear from YOU. Click the button “Create a Card” to begin!
2. Tell them what makes them so worth celebrating this Christmas season.
3. Include a photo of you and your family plus a little bit about you – kids LOVE photos!
4. Add to Cart and Voila – you’ve just created a Christmas message that will be hand delivered to a child in Ecuador. Our team will be there December 11-16!

Bless a child with a Christmas card today!

I just did our Card!

dayspring cards compassion christmas

I Hope you send some cards to Ecuador this Christmas!!!

Thanks Dayspring for such an Amazing Idea!

I am sitting in the Miami Airport about to board for Honduras! Excited to go and see some lil Compassion faces this week!

And share photos with you there!

November 29, 2010 - 8:58 pm

Christine - Our church has a sister church in Ecuador, and after many months of discussion about it, this Sunday we’ll have information pkgs available for the 35 kids in Carmen Bajo who need sponsors! I am so excited about it! And I am praying and believing that every child will be sponsored! Looking forward to your photos from Honduras!

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