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Friday Finds. . .

Most Friday mornings I wake up early, put on mascara ( cause a girl, well THIS girl doesn’t leave the house without that) and grab some coffee then rush out the door. I try to get there right on time so I can scope it out and be prepared for the people that elbow and bully their way to the entrance.

And when the dealer says it’s time. . . It’s Time.

I love a good Estate Sale.

Sometimes I find things sometimes I don’t, but that’s not the point.

For me it’s the hunt. . . it is the “What could I do with this” or ” Well isn’t that interesting?” or “Why on earth did someone own this” and my favorite “Why is there so much JUNK in this house?” thoughts that go through my head.

In a way it’s cathartic. Until I feel like I am walking through an episode of hoarders and it is a mission to get through every room in one breath. Not really. But close.

Anyways. So Today I decide to introduce. . .


You had to work for Today’s sale. Seriously. This picture might not really show you but it was a hike. There was a sweet little girl selling water at the top of the hill cause it was well. . . a hike. A gradual , steady incline, but trust me a hike.

Did I mention a hike??

The house was FULL of Finds!

They must have worked for Crabtree and Evelyn cause there were candles and soaps and tins and boxes and baskets FULL of products. Not just a collector I am thinking they had to have worked there. ( at least I hope they did) a whole room FULL!

They had a room full of Christmas, a room full of Toys, a room full of Baskets. . . But maybe a favorite of mine was the hat collection.

How great is this Stetson Box!

The cutest girl at the sale bought the CUTEST fedora looking hat. I thought about telling her it didn’t look good on her, but it did. So she won.

Sooooo. . .

My Friday Finds:

1. This beat up “gold but I plan on painting it maybe a turquoise or a gloss white” frame.

I like the shape and the texture and excited to see if / how I fix it up.

2. 1950 Edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette

I am a weeeeeee bit okay big time in love with invitations, paper products, parties, weddings, events, handwritten notes and well . . .


But not in the snobby way. I just love the history behind it and how it changes.

Sidenote: Speaking of Change

Here’s what the Post Family has done. Talk about a new way of learning Etiquette! ( if you ever find yourself in need of it)

Etiquette + Encyclopedia = Etipedia®

ANYWAYS. I am not an Etiquette Snob, but I will admit that when a beautiful invitation shows up at our house I am holding it up to the light to see the watermark of who designed it. And the way to my heart is a good set of stationary.


So when I saw this book I knew it was a must have. I have a couple other editions of it but not the 1950’s one.

And with the premier of Mad Men earlier this week it was the least I could do to celebrate ( 50’s / 60’s)

But I thought I’d share some wisdom from the Queen of Social Situations.

I love the quote with this picture. . .

The Modern Man and Girl.  . .

The One thing that hostesses tend to forget is that 5 out of 6 people long for a drink of water in the afternoon more than anything else. . .

I am thinking I might host a Singing Circle and throw in a Welsh Rabbit while I am at it. . .

Because One never knows when you might be . . .

Just a hunch. . . but I don’t think she is talking about the iphone here.

Whatever you do. . .

Don’t Jiggle the Telephone Plunger.

( totally using that line this weekend).

Chapter 44

Not much has changed with you Chapter 44.

The Art of Letter Writing

Rules are Rules

Dear Hampton Inn,

You know I loved staying with you – I always do!

Please forgive me for not taking your stationary in bulk. I realize it was not honorable of me.

Well, my email has dinged a couple times now! So good-by, dearest, for today.


Pay attention when she writes in All Caps.

Who knew there was a correct way to eat Bacon.

mmmm Bacon is best when it scatters.

I am pretty sure that whole

Jim, Pauline, Basil, Newling, to Ollie scenario made me

TOTALLY Refuse that Dance.

And look a little

Downton Abbey Shout Out!!


Even her signature has



Ahhh Friday Finds.

A little frame project + A little reading for a total of = $15

Happy Friday fellow Finders.



April 1, 2012 - 10:01 am

keelymariescott - Annalee!! YES! I will come find you at Zapp! I get to town Wednesday. Whoohoooo!

March 30, 2012 - 3:32 pm

annalee - I’m hoping my next week finds include seeing you in warrenton! yay.

great finds… i’m getting giddy about hitting the dirt road out of houston tonight!

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