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The people of Haiti speak French well Creole to be exact so hence the title in French!
This is my first time to Haiti and different than what I was expecting.
The people are amazing especially our country staff they never cease to amaze me in their enthusiasm and their love for not only us but most importantly the kids in their country.
Today we met up with Hawk Nelson at an orphanage they were doing work at called Hands and Feet. I have heard about them for sometime and the work they are doing is amazing!! After we left the orphanage Dan ( bass player for Hawk Nelson) and his wife and our group got to hang out with his sponsor kid all day! He loved his Hawk Nelson gear and especially the sunglasses. He might be 8 but he knows cool.
Tomorrow we will visit our country office, a project and then the airport to fly home.

Random Tidbits of the trip thus far. . .

– We are staying in Port Au Prince at the El Rancho ( but its not a ranch) They do however have wild game on the property aka the BIGGEST RATS EVER!!! We did see a Cat that we assumed is supposed to take care of the Rats, but the problem is that the Rats are the size of the Cats. hmm??

– We drove a roller coaster today. No really it was a ride maybe not a thrill ride but a ride. Having traveled to various countries with various roads and various hills I can say that this one is at the top of the list for “rides to be remembered. . .because I am alive” and did I mention we did it twice (there and back!)

– I have had croque masseur two nights in a row. ahhhh the French!

– I uploaded photos (all scenic) to the Compassion Flickr site

– The taxis here are called “Tap-Tap” and they are a work of art. You never know who’s picture (Here it’s a famous soccer player) on the back, but I am still on the lookout for Michael Jackson.

– Back to the “Tap Tap” the miss out of the journey back to the hotel. Opposite side of the road the Chuck Norris “Tap Tap” flew by. Yes, the CHUCK NORRIS TAP TAP

Goodnight all.


I am off to Haiti bright and early tomorrow morning! And I am super excited to visit this country. I will be there with Compassion International and one of our artists Hawk Nelson. They will be meeting their sponsor child which is always a blast! And I love being able to document it!

I will be working on something new for this trip in preparation for our trip to Uganda! I think it’s really cool. . . . I will be uploading pictures to our Compassion Flickr account while on the trip! I am going to give it a try for the next few days while we are in haiti. So say a prayer for technology while I am there, you never know how the internet connection will be. =) If you are interested be sure to check the link below. . .

Off to finish packing. . . .

Happy Holidays to you. . . Until we meet again!

Yes, I realize the title and it should be sung to the tune of “Happy Trails”!!
Can you believe the holidays have come and gone!
Here is a review of the our holiday season. . .
Welcome 2008!!

Christmas Show at the Ryman

Christmas in Michigan with the hubs fam. . . .brrrrr!!!!!

Snowed Out!

Willis in White. . .

My New Years photos are to come. . .Blogger doesn’t like me anymore =)


I have been taking a holiday this past week! Enjoying time with some of my favorite people and closest friends in town from the land of the original “Office” ( aka the UK) ! We had a blast and there will be pictures posted soon! We are off to the mitten state ( Michigan ) where it is sure to be a WHITE Christmas! Safe Travels and Merry Times to all!

Also, Let’s continue to pray for Eric’s family I have posted the JOYFUL update below!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS Maggie, Dane and ERIC!


Statement from the family of Eric Volz – Friday, December 21, 2007 – 8:30pm Central

“Eric Volz was released from a Nicaraguan prison hospital earlier today and will be in hiding, due to reports of threats against him. We have reason to believe he is being followed and are taking every precaution to assure his safety.

Our family is overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of support of Eric’s innocence over the past year. In the center of an impossible situation, we have experienced the most abundant love from friends and total strangers, and we thank you.

We are grateful to the courageous individuals in the Nicaraguan government who fought for truth and justice to prevail in this case as well to those in the US government who provided assistance in securing Eric’s release.

This ordeal has taken an incredible physical and emotional toll on all of us, especially Eric. We thank you in advance for respecting our privacy and allowing our family to recover.”

T w i t t e r
S p o n s o r
P i n t e r e s t