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I have been to Mexico City, back for a day then on to various cities in the Great state of Texas (yes I am an obnoxious Texan) for a little over a week with the hub bub. I have been home for a week and the leaves have changed, the evenings have come earlier and I bought some boots the other day cause it’s cold outside!!

Mexico was amazing as most Compassion Trips are! The city is large and filled with beautiful old architecture. The two projects we were able to visit were totally different giving a greater appreciation for the culture and the area. I can now say that one of my favorite projects I have ever had a chance to visit sits right outside Mexico City. The pastor and his wife are both artists, so not only have they made the project and the grounds esthetically pleasing, but their focus on teaching the arts to the kids is evident! They have an art studio that I would love to work in, and the talent was overwhelming. They truly understand and practice the idea of Art Therapy (which has become a greater passion of mine)! They use the arts as a way to counsel so many of our kids in need. So not only is the art work beautiful to look at, it is a beautiful story of redemption. Below is the painting I purchased from Frida! I called her my own little Frida Kahlo!

The other Project in Mexico City that we were able to visit sat on a hill, mountain, slope, hardly able to keep your balance side of the world. Seriously it was a great workout that day not only for my thighs but for my balance! What a fun Project filled with cute cute kids (did I mention they were CUTE)!

The area’s condition was really difficult we looked at stacks of homes and the polluted water running beneath manmade bridges. But maybe what was even harder was to see across the way a white wall and behind that white wall sits wealth. Lots and lots of wealthy homes, buildings, people etc. First, I did not realize there was that much money in Mexico City (maybe I am naïve) but it was difficult to see that white wall, that’s purpose in being built was to separate the two.

I have been back for a few weeks now, and have had friends leave on another Compassion Trip. I am always amazed to hear/read the stories we all experience because it’s always something new and always something inspiring. Shaun Groves is in Ethiopia ( a country I LONG to visit!) with my friend Brian. I have been reading their blogs being able to better imagine that country. Read Shaun’s blog about this quote below, but I LOVE it! One of Compassion’s leaders in Ethiopia, Shiferaw is large part of Compassion’s role in Ethiopia He has big Dreams for not only Compassion, but also rescuing every child from poverty in Ethiopia and when asked about his BIG dreams he replied. . .

“Abraham was asking God for just one child – just one – and God asked Abraham to count the stars.”

Did I already say. . .I LOVE that!! Compassion has BIG dreams for every child in poverty. . .every single child.

Mexico City. . .

I just arrived in Mexico City tonight! I am here for work with Compassion and I am looking forward to the next couple of days playing with Kids, Trying to speak Spanish and meeting new people. Mexico City is HUGE! I had no idea! I mean I knew it was a big city, but it is HUGE! It is twice the size of Manahtten with a population of 24 MILLION. . .24 MILLION! And large percentage of the population are kids under the age of 15! Its hard to imagine!
Our hotel is right in the middle of town. We look at the Grand Palace where the Presidents office is and a beautiful cathedral in the midst of historic buildings. Mexico’s big holiday “Day of the Dead” and “All Saints Day” is coming up Nov. 1st. It’s a big ol deal ( thanks for the preperation Kate). They celebrate the death of loved ones. . .creepy to us! Anyways colorful skulls are used and are placed around town. Lots of people in masks etc. . . Tonight they must have been doing a rehersal of sorts for the big celebration. There was music and then on one of the buildings they were doing a “light show” I tried to get the picture. Its of skeletons but it roated different images. Well its been a long day of travel and closing with an autentic mexican meal consisting of black bean soup (YUM!), pumpkin flour quesadilla (Tasted like a spring roll for real), and an undidentified black mushroom quesadilla ( that is an aquired taste if you know what i mean) So now it is time to sleep. Goodnight!

Also, I hope this is in English and this works. Blogger es en espanol here. . .how does it know =)

July 20, 2015 - 4:45 am

Muh - I am probably your newset biggest fan. I love all your recipes. My husband and kids loved this recipe. I did add bacon in but that all I changed . Thanks Mo. Keep up the good work and recipes coming!

Hello Out There. . .

Blogging. . .
I have been a “blog stalker” “blog-addict” “blog timespender” and “blog timewaster” “blog obsessed” “blog poser” “blog ____”, but never a really good blogger. And the odds are if you are at my blog, I have probably read yours.
Creepy eh?? dodo do do dodo do do =0

So here it goes. . .my blog. I have had a couple blogs before and they obviously didn’t last very long. I tried to do the whole theme thing ( a quirky story with a picture a day out my downtown window) then it was just a photoblog. Both are gone. I am the kind of person that thrives on creativity and perfection so when I wasn’t feeling inspired or satisfied with my creativity I would pack up that blog and press delete. Not this time though!
“I am back with brand new invention something grabbed a hold of me tightly” . . . =)

So I love blogs and the idea of blogging, and I think the perfection that I struggle with has returned in trying to perfect what my blog should be or will be. But I have decide to just Let It Be
(has anyone seen “Across the universe” yet. . .go!)

Anyways. . .
It is officially Fall here in Nashville and I LOVE IT!! It’s rainy and chilly outside and I am at a coffee shop in the village watching people in hoodies and scarves happily walk by drinking HOT coffee ( the official change from hot to iced drinks just changed in my book). I LOVE IT! One of my favorite things to do is work at a coffee shop. I love the noise, the gift of distraction, and most importantly it’s where I get inspiration. I am not someone who likes the quiet (just ask my husband) But I am learning to appreciate it (maybe check with my husband on that!).

Well I am off to work on photos whilst listening to Jonatha Brooke’s “10 Cent Wings” I am going to see her Friday night!!
It’s an editing afternoon today. Check out this little cutie!!

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