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Remembering Haiti. . .

Six Months ago today the Haiti earthquake happened. Continuing to pray with a heavy heart for the country, the people, the workers, the families. . . . Senye, Ala nou kontan se pa nou k’ap kenbe ou men se ou k’ap kenbe nou. Lord, How glad we are that we don’t hold you, but that […]

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Sunday Photo. . .

Ahh Sundays I love Sundays. . . Thought I’d give a little photo of the day today! Tonight we have our annual Artist Appreciation dinner with Compassion. Its A time to say ThAnKyOu to the artists that partner with us throughout the year… Taking time out of the concerts to let their audience know about […]

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Texas Forever. . .

Well you don’t have to spend much time on this here blog to know that A. I am from Texas and B. I heart Texas and C. I miss Texas well I could go all the way to Z with the reasons, but I’ll save that for another time. I spent Easter in Texas with […]

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Howdy from Round Top. . .

Hey Ya’ll Phew. . .its been a while since I have written! I have had a great week 1/2 just catching up from my travels! But now I am out again. . . I am in Texas visiting family for Easter as a friend of mine twittered to me “Welcome home! So fitting that you […]

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I’m so Proud. . .

Listen and see a grandmother of one of our Compassion kids share about how Compassion has helped her in raising her three grandchildren!! An amazing story from a beautiful woman… with a huge heart! Be a part of a childs story. . . click HERE for more info!

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I blame Donald Miller. . .

I blame Donald Miller for not getting a full good sleep on this first flight, but its all good because I was reading his new book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I am already ½ way through and loving it! If you follow my tweets you know that I just went to a […]

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